Youth Trends Report

The annual Youth Trends Report combines the results of an in-depth survey of the UK’s 16-24s with insights from industry experts and youth contributors. It shines a spotlight on the trends impacting the lives of young people today, across the categories of Lifestyle, Digital and Content.

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The 2018 report features nine emerging trends, including:

  • Deeper Connection - Young people are speaking out about sensitive subjects such as anxiety and modern masculinity. How can brands tap into these topics with purpose?

  • Emotive Tech - Digital innovations are bringing emotion to the forefront via touch, voice, AR and VR. How open are young consumers to forming a personal bond with their devices?

  • Future Foodies - Gen Z are fuelling the future of the food industry. What’s next after canned wine, rainbow bagels and mermaid-everything?


Research is currently underway for 2019’s Youth Trends Report, which will be exclusively launched at YMS19 LDN. Click here for a taste of what to expect.