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The Trust Of Young Consumers

The Trust Of Young Consumers

Younger consumers can spend hours shopping online. But with the ability to switch seamlessly from one brand website to another, it has become clear that eCommerce stores need to offer more than just products. They need to help build relationships. This panel will explore different tactics which brands have employed successfully to achieve this goal and gain the trust of young consumers online. 

Opportunities And Implications Of A Mobile-First Generation For E-Commerce

Gen Z are often called a “mobile-first” generation. How can online stores turn their customers’ phone addiction into profit? From mobile commerce to social shopping, text- and Whatsapp-marketing, and more, this brand panel will offer strategic content to help retailers maximize their mobile outreach and encourage customers to buy on their websites.

Broke? The Paradox of Gen Z and Money

Without yet having reached financial independence or maturity, many sources predict Gen Z will become the largest generation of consumers by the year 2020. But it seems clear that the way they handle their money has changed dramatically. We’ve witnessed an explosion, in recent years, of new fin-tech players disrupting the retail industry, helping online stores offer payment-over-time or cryptocurrency options to incentivize consumers. Have these become indispensable tools to attract Gen Z? 

Next Avenues in eCommerce

The web and the dramatic rise of new technologies offer almost unlimited potential for online retailers to increase consumer engagement. What tools are the most likely to resonate with Gen Z in the coming years? Our panelists all invested in a variety of disruptive eCommerce features. They will share their insights, and offer thought-provoking inspiration for anyone looking to future-proof their website strategy.

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