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Lipa Nessa, Youth Ambassador, Youth Sports Trust

My name is Lipa Nessa and I’m going to change the world with a hijab on my head and a ball at my feet. I thought of this quote whilst in my first year of university, and now I’m in my third year of university studying sports business and coaching. Before coming to university I played for my local ladies football team. I am currently a grassroots coach at Kinja FC and the head of the development centre there. I wanted to take my knowledge and passion further and joined Youth Sport Trust’s youth board and Middlesex FA youth board. That way my voice would be heard at county and national level.

Being a woman in sport is one barrier but when you infused this with the rest of me being of colour and Muslim, people doubt you and your knowledge. They label you as plastic fan, or they paralyse in shock. Why do we as women in sport have to act tough or be way better than our counterparts to be deemed as a professional? I used to play, I now coach and I study football.

My advice would be, if you’re passionate about something and you’re determined to achieve it nothing can stop you but yourself. Comments and hate will come and go but one day it will be worth it as your name will be written in history.