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Laura Colin, Co-founder, The Storm Collective

As a senior digital strategist, Laura has been driving innovative
business change within the entertainment industry for over 10 years. She has worked with a variety of clients from Sony Playstation to Channel 4 and RockStar Games, creating multi-award winning campaigns for major titles and entertainment products.

A youth specialist, Laura recently served as a Senior Creative Strategist at BBC Creative, where she worked across BBC’s brand portfolio to create thought-provoking campaigns that inspire audience conversation & engagement.

By implementing new ways of working, Laura delivered outstanding results on tight budgets across the BBC and has the track record to prove it—from a Cannes Lions nomination in 2018 for her Peaky Blinders influencer work, to a Promax Gold for a partnership with BBC News on Mcmafia. As she looks to the future, Laura’s passion for great work remains the same—rooted in her belief that thoughtful strategy combined with big ideas are always the key ingredients for success.