Filip Janczak.png

filip Janczak, Ecommerce Manager, Bluebella

Filip joined Bluebella in 2015 as Ecommerce Coordinator and managed digital channels beginning with PPC, Affiliate Networks and Social Ads in UK. Filip has increased Bluebella’s digital performance by 100% YOY, which has resulted in expansion to United States, Germany and France. Now managing development of 4 markets with separate localised websites and leading strategy for international digital channels, with plan to expand into further markets.

Bluebella and Filip’s ecommerce team recently has been awarded multiple ecommerce awards for their successes. Originally from a small town in Poland, but from young age grew up in East London. Graduated from Middlesex University north London. After graduation has assisted in introduction of first digital marketing course at Middlesex University and as a guest speaker, shared digital marketing knowledge with students. Today he’s an Ecommerce Manager at Bluebella and leads his own marketing agency Creatos Media.