Chinese Marketing Stream

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Nowhere has undergone more change in the last 50 years than China. A new world order has emerged both economically and technologically. However, beyond the headlines around growth, consumerism, tech behemoths and staggering statistics, a cultural rebellion is bubbling away amongst Chinese youth. And it is having a huge impact on brands in China.

China is undergoing its own explosion of youth culture similar to the swinging 60s which led to a golden age of art, music and entertainment. Emerging from increased standards of living, leisure time and new media channels are a wide range of unique physical and online subcultures. Chinese Millennials are experimenting with their identities like never before and it has led to unprecedented opportunities to connect with 400 million people.

With the global economy poised to be hugely impacted by this generation’s consumption choices it’s critical to understand this audience.

This track has been curated for global marketers and brands to understand who the real driving force behind the world’s most dynamic retail, ecommerce and digital media market are and how to remain relevant. 

More info on speakers and sessions coming very soon.