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Chad Rogers, Co-founder & CRO, lemonlight

Chad Rogers graduated from the University of Tennessee and moved to California to explore a career in the entertainment industry. After working for Affirmative Entertainment for two years, he began his sales career at Equinox, where he led and managed the number one sales team in the country. Chad went on to work as the VP of Sales at Intern Sushi, where he grew their marketplace to include 1,300 job profiles and 10,000 student profiles. He was later recruited to a sales position at Living Social before taking a job at NearWoo, a mobile ad company that targeted the SMB market. During his tenure, he trained and managed large scale partnerships including the Chicago Sun Times and Empereon, the largest tele-sales company in the United States.

Chad has also been invited to speak at Hubspot’s Inbound Conference, Indiegogo’s Launch Conference, and other nationally recognized events.