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Billie Quinlan

CEO, Ferly

Billie is passionate about the intersection of womxn, wellbeing and technology and speaks publicly about all three, most notably with a TEDX talk in 2018 titled ‘How Can We Make A More Sex Positive Future for Womxn?

In 2018 she co-founded Ferly, a sexual wellness app disrupting the male dominated sextech market. Billie and her co-founder, Anna are no strangers to the hurdles that come with tackling taboo topics - after being told that that two female founders talking about sex would never secure investment they went on to land Europe’s leading VC and Angel investors.

Ferly is on a mission to destroy the taboo around sex and close the orgasm gap by improving the health, confidence and pleasure of womxn globally. Billie describes it as the future of sexual self-care. Download Ferly on the app store and join a global community of over 10,000 womxn in 53 countries.