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Why big ideas are better than big budgets

How do you put together an effective creative campaign on a shoestring? Our panel talk through their experiences of standing out and making the most of working with a small budget to capture the attention of young people, whether you are a start up or multinational brand.

Why we’re excited

  • Working on campaigns for the likes of Peaky Blinders and McMafia, Laura Colin will share her experiences at the BBC and how she implemented new ways of working to deliver outstanding results on tight budgets.

  • From ads during the Love Island final to innovative black boxes in cars, Adam Moger shares how Marmalade are championing young drivers and successfully engaging this audience with a traditionally ‘unsexy’ product.

  • Higher Education expert Dana Rock at the University of Nottingham will share her expertise on gathering audience insights and  the power of personalisation to generate a more meaningful connection with new students.

  • Chad West at Revolut has helped establish this finance challenger brand as one of the fastest growing tech companies in the world.


Stephan Lepitak  The Drum

Stephan Lepitak
The Drum



Laura Colin  The Storm Collective

Laura Colin
The Storm Collective

Adam Moger  Marmalade

Adam Moger

Dana Rock  University of Nottingham

Dana Rock
University of Nottingham

Chad West  Revolut

Chad West