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What Matters to Us

At YMS 2018 Seed launched their first ever in-depth research piece: ‘What Matters to Us’, a series of insights exploring the evolution of students and youth culture in Britain today. The phenomenal feedback from brand marketers, fellow agency folk and the subjects of the research themselves (real live students!) was enough to convince Seed to carry out a sequel.

'What Matters To Us II' will cast a light on topics as diverse as gaming in an age where E-Sports is being considered for the Olympics, finding love (or lust) in the swiping generation, patriotism in a climate of uncertainty and money matters in a world of cryptocurrencies and artificially intelligent bank tellers.

Seed will be revealing core results and key insights from WMTU II as well as sharing case-studies of work from global brands who have used the student focused findings to further optimise their youth marketing strategies.

Joe Brailsford  Seed

Joe Brailsford

Celia Forshew  Seed

Celia Forshew