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Reframing the Future: The Harmony of Humans and Machines

The Matrix, Bladerunner, The Terminator. The future relationship between man and machine at least in Hollywood’s eyes is a bleak one. Perhaps this is because we are always shaping the argument as a war, a constant confrontation between humans and computers. What if we reframed the future, with a world where machines were seen as a collaborative partner rather than an unstoppable competitor?

Microsoft’s vision is amplify human ingenuity with intelligent technology. But what does this kind of future look like? How will machines integrate into our lives over the next five years? Will the rise of artificial intelligence mean a computer can write better sonnets than Shakespeare? If so where do us humans fit into this future?

Join Microsoft’s James Murray to explore some of the latest developments and innovations in AI and technology. Discover:
- How Microsoft is democratising artificial intelligence to empower everyone to achieve more.
- How diversity and inclusion is driving innovation which will shape the future of technology.
- How marketers can adapt to this brave new world.

James Murray  Microsoft

James Murray