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Influencer Marketing: a shift from WHO to HOW

As more brands recognise the opportunities in influencer marketing, there will be a shift in focus from simply working with influencers, to how to activate them effectively. As businesses realise that there is a need for it to be done more elegantly, the importance of a good brief that extracts the most creative interpretations will increase. Come listen to our discussion with the experts from Brand side and the influencers themselves. The panel will be sharing guidance, examples and learnings to activate influencer marketing in interesting ways to cut through the noise and engage with young people that are tired of seeing blatant advertising – preventing #ad fatigue.


Emily Young  Takumi

Emily Young



Ellie Jansen  Influencer

Ellie Jansen

Alice Liveing  Primark

Alice Liveing

Marilyne Tran  Influencer

Marilyne Tran

Abigail Wood  Primark

Abigail Wood