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Doing diversity - inspiring action not words

In a time where the boundaries of diversity are expanding, it is necessary for brands to understand what ‘inclusivity’ really means in 2019 (and beyond) in order to avoid the trappings of tokenism. 

Diversity is more than hype, it breaks-down stigma, stereotype and taboo. More and more media outlets, creatives, brands and retailers are helping widen the definition of diversity. From gender, race, feminism, body-positivity, disability and openness about mental health - diversity spans a full spectrum of ‘humanness’ and in order to connect with a Gen Z consumer its imperative for a brand to represent all kinds of people. 

This panel will address what the future-scape of diversity looks like and how organisations can be inspired by action rather than words.

Why we’re excited

  • Sereena Abbassi is Head of Diversity & Inclusion at M&C Saatchi and she is passionate about changing the industry and shaping the world around us through the advertising we make.

  • Liv Little is founder of gal-dem, the online and print zine giving a new wave of women and non-binary people of colour a voice in the media and a place to support their creative work.

  • River Island are leading the way when it comes to improving diversity in the fashion world. Brand Marketing Manager, Rebecca Doherty is part of the team which brought the brand’s progressive Labels Are For Clothes campaign to life.

  • Ellen Stewart leads a growing newsroom at Pink News, the world's most-read LGBT+ media platform and the first LGBT+ partner to publish to Snapchat Discover.

  • Trishna Daswaney is founder of award winning cosmetics company Kohl Kreatives, dedicated to beauty empowerment for cancer care patients, transitioning transgender people and people with motor disabilities.

  • Benefit Cosmetics are paving the way for inclusion. Kate Grant, a model with Down’s Syndrome was recently named an ambassador and Michelle Stoodley, Head of Digital will share why she aligns perfectly with their brand values.


Shanu Walpita  Trends Forecaster

Shanu Walpita
Trends Forecaster



Sereena Abbassi  M&C Saatchi Group

Sereena Abbassi
M&C Saatchi Group

Trishna Daswaney  Kohl Kreatives

Trishna Daswaney
Kohl Kreatives

Rebecca Doherty  River Island

Rebecca Doherty
River Island

Liv Little  gal-dem

Liv Little

Ellen Stewart  PinkNews

Ellen Stewart

Michelle Stoodley  Benefit Cosmetics

Michelle Stoodley
Benefit Cosmetics