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Abi Hague, Digital Marketing Account Manager, Quidco

As Digital Marketing Account Manager for Quidco, one of the UK's leading cashback sites, I spend my time enticing new members to join us through a range of digital methods. My specialist scope for acquisition lies in Affiliate Marketing, which we complement with paid articles from various top publishers across the UK. Our affinity with youth and student sites means we're also constantly trying to stay on top of the latest products and trends to highlight in conjunction with our sign-up campaigns.

My first step into Digital Marketing came from a paid internship with Xbite Ltd running the businesses many social media accounts and their affiliate marketing program. After finishing my degree with a 1st in Business and IT I'm now in the role of Digital Marketing Account Manager at Quidco one of the UK's leading cashback sites. My daily role consists of acquisition marketing via various below the line marketing channels, which we are always looking to update and innovate.