suzaan sauerman

VP - Lifestyle Audio, Bowers & Wilkins

Suzaan is a self-proclaimed tech geek, influencer and freelance speaker in
wearable/hearable & fitness/health tech. A strategic leader with 16 years in consumer tech, where she has lead global marketing organisations, product innovation, digitalisation, partnership marketing & new retail experiences.

She has worked extensively across all continents of the world and has created deep consumer connections with fitness & emerging tech. She drove explosive growth through the offer of heart-rate training – adding heart-rate to running headphones. Transforming herself into a runner during the development and trial of the products. 

Her passion to develop solutions for fitness & preventive health and not just dumb
hardware, is driven by her passion to change the way we use/think tech to support our
everyday lifestyle. She is passionate about using tech to further education, fitness and
health for a much more advanced consumer experience.

‘Tech is the way the world talks to each other, it’s also a way for our bodies to talk to us’,
says Sauerman.

Suzaan was born in Africa and spend her time between Copenhagen and San Francisco.

Voted as on The Top 100 Talents in Denmark, May 2012 by Berlingske Business.