stephen rapoport

Founder, PACT Coffee

Stephen Rapoport, founder of coffee delivery business Pact wants to make great coffee more accessible.

Stephen's sales and marketing experience first started in University where he founded Escape Uni Tours. He spent the best part of five years building a package tour company which organised multiple tours per year to Amsterdam, Dublin and Cornwall turning a profit from the first month.

Senior Marketing and Sales jobs followed at Milton Lloyd Limited and before he co-founded Crashpadder. Launching the same month as airbnb, Stephen bootstrapped a peer-to-peer accommodation marketplace with the dream of upgrading couchsurfing for host and guest.

They soon became the largest player in the UK and France and generated revenue in 80 international markets. The organisation continued to grow before Stephen moved on following the acquisition from Airbnb.

More recently, Stephen went on to start PACT and recently changed roles from CEO to Chairman. PACT who are now the largest D2C coffee business in Europe with the noteable exception of Nespresso.