Neil Waller

Neil is the co-founder and CEO of Whalar, an Instagram and Facebook partner marketplace that connects brands with influential content creators.

Whalar was born out of the success that Neil and his co-founder, James, had in growing their watch brand Shore Projects after collaborating with Influencers. Rapid growth of Shore Projects lead to them winning a business competition and scooping themselves a week on Necker Island with Sir Richard Branson and a group of other entrepreneurs. It’s was on Necker that Whalar was conceived and the company was set up within weeks of returning to London.

Whalar has Sir John Hegarty as an investor and Creative Director and has worked with hundreds of brands ranging from start-ups to brands like Uber, Deliveroo, Unilever, Heineken and Hilton Hotels.

When he gets some spare time, Neil loves all things automotive, tries to play a regular game of tennis and is a keen, albeit not very consistent, golfer…probably because spare time doesn’t come around very often.

…..and no, Whalar has nothing to do with his surname Waller!

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