Daniel Robey

Daniel Robey is the founder and CEO of Think Jam Ltd, a privately-owned, award-winning entertainment marketing agency with over 2000 digital campaigns under its belt for clients including Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros., HBO and PlayStation. Formed in 2004, he has worked efficiently to shake up digital communications in entertainment marketing. His methods were so effective that Think Jam opened a Los Angeles office just four years later in 2008. New York welcomed a third office in 2013 and Birmingham opened in 2014.

Daniel can call upon nearly two decades of experience in digital marketing to create pioneering developments, solutions and systems that engage and alter the status quo. He has shared this knowledge and experience by lecturing internationally and appearing on many panels regarding the growth and potential of the industry.

A self-made, natural entrepreneur and innovator, Daniel is an alumnus of Harvard Business School, having taken part in the prestigious Owner/President Management programme.

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