Charlotte Baker-Farage

My name is Charlotte Baker-Farage, 21 years old and I am currently studying at The University of the West of England, doing Creative media design. After a bit of a rocky start at university in Leeds studying PR and communications I realised I was in the wrong city studying the wrong course. Creative media design has helped me to channel my passions of creativity and reaching an audience.

Having studied A-level Drama, Psychology and Philosophy and Ethics at Wells Cathedral School, I knew my passions lay closely with people and creativity.

I really enjoy working with people and being part of a team, covering topics that provoke an emotive response. My passions are art, design, culture and media production. Having lived in Gambia, West Africa and travelled extensively from a young age I feel a personal involvement with various cultures which I believe has broadened my outlook on life in general.

My hobbies include, the gym, social media, travelling and art.
After university I aim to work with an advertising/marketing agency, with long term goals of being a creative director. I am hopefully travelling to Singapore to work within the marketing faculty of Knight Frank as soon as I have graduated.

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