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simon hooper

Influencer, Father of Daughters

Simon burst onto the social media scene as ‘Father of Daughters’ in February 2016 coinciding with the arrival of 2 new additions to his family, which now consists of his 4 daughters Ottilie & Delilah (identical twins girls ) Anya (10), Marnie (7) and his wife, Clementine.

Having long been a bystander in the social media game, Simon became aware of the lack of fathers taking up the online gauntlet and sharing their lives – something mothers have been doing for years. Simon wanted to lift the lid on what it’s like to be a modern dad (after all, they do make up 50% of the parenting team) in an authentic, funny and unique way to reassure other parents that everyone has the same problems and issues – you are not alone in this struggle that we call life with children.

Since starting his Instagram account (@Father_of_Daughters) in early 2016, Simon has been providing daily content ranging from his humorous take on his day to day life being surrounded and outnumbered by girls and children, through to insights and guidance on parenting across all his social media platforms through photos and videos of his life living with 4 daughters and his wife Clementine (who is a midwife and also a successful social media influencer in her own right). He uses his sharp sense of humour coupled with a creative use of real life and honest images to engage with his audience and generate discussion and comment.

Simon has been featured in Marie Claire UK, Grazia, The observer (I Newspaper), The Evening standard and on EllenNation amongst many other online publications. He regularly contributes to a number of high profile blogs and websites in the parenting space including Mothercare, Mama’s & Papa’s, SelfishMother and The Early Hour as well as taking part in panels for the likes of Stylist Live and Facebook.