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Mike Buonaiuto

Activist, Campaigner & Executive Director, Shape History

Mike Buonaiuto is the activist, campaigner and Executive Director behind ground breaking social change company, Shape History. The agency exclusively work to amplify good causes, inspiring audiences to take action. The London based 29-year-old and his team of campaigners have been behind some of the most impactful global initiatives in the past decade - such as lowering the cost of emergency contraception in Boots, Superdrug and Tesco to allow better access for women, they worked together with the World Hepatitis Alliance to build the landmark NOhep movement, and finally, working with various United Nations offices across New York and Europe. These include launching Free & Equal, the United Nations global LGBT Rights campaign.

Having studied Multimedia Journalism at Bournemouth University, whilst taking on roles at a local radio station and media giant Thomson Reuters, Mike’s graduation into full-time work saw him take on positions at prominent PR firms, representing world renowned brands and companies such as Nissan, Citroen and Unilever. However, with a shift in priorities, Mike began to turn his hand instead to working for purpose.