Liz Cheesbrough

Director of Research, SCB Partners

Liz is Director of Research at SCB Partners, Havas’ brand consultancy specialising in research, trends and strategy. Specialising in youth and lifestyle, she’s responsible for designing boundary-pushing research methodologies that aim to solve client challenges both creativity and commercially.

An avid collector of culture and a specialist in youth trends, Liz has seven years of experience in qualitative and youth research, working for brands such as MTV, Facebook and Universal Music. She previously worked at insight and innovation agency Crowd DNA, leading Channel 4’s influential UK Tribes project and has championed research into mental health, identity and relationships.

Liz is the founder of video production start-up Ice Cream and a regular speaker at industry conferences.  Fascinated by the role of drugs, alcohol and hedonism for young people, she works with the Global Drug Survey to track drugs behaviours and understand their impact on society.