benny bonsu

NBA Courtside Reporter

A UK based bi-lingual freelance multiplatform sports broadcaster with over three years of experience as a Head of Production for the Modern Times Groups, working with the Alibaba team on several projects across Europe with over six years continuous professional experience as a freelance broadcaster for the likes of BT Sports, BBC, Sky Sports, NBA UK and AliExpress LIVE.

I mainly cover sport - particularly American sports including but not limited to NBA, WNBA, NFL along with Premier League Football, Athletics, and boxing, but I also delve into the worlds of entertainment, news and current affairs in the UK, USA and across Africa when a project requires it. I have covered 1xOlympics, 1xParalympics, 1xAfrica Cup of Nations, 4 x London Marathon, NFL International Games, 4xNBA All-Star and NBA Finals and covered numerous other sporting events including boxing, athletics, and produced documentaries, features and written pieces for TraceSport, MVP24/7, TRUE Africa magazine and Premier League.