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Rise of the Polymath!

A generation that appears to constantly be making unconventional choices, are in fact simply seeking to satisfy a human need to excel. Leveraging technology as a natural accelerator for personal growth, we are in the age of the Polymath.

These Polymaths, capable of achieving multiple disciplines at a high level and are actively redefining elements such as status, survival, curiosity and fun. From the fictional (Neo in The Matrix), to the celebrity (Kanye West), the world of the Polymath is limited only by passion and application. So much freedom of choice and apparent limitless opportunities throws up some inevitable issues – what to do first?

In 2015, I gave a TED Talk “How to raise a generation to save the world”. In reality, it was a love letter to my 7 year old son and an optimistic view of the future.

But what about today? What’s the advice for current generation of people aged 15-35?

How can the Rise of the Polymath overcome the very real issues of education, employment and economy for young people today?

Rob Scotland Consumer Insights & Analytics Director

Rob Scotland

Consumer Insights & Analytics Director