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Mixed Up Reality! Making Live, 360, VR and AR experiences work in your marketing campaign

Hackers, Nathan Barley, Kick Ass and Ready Player One all predicted the rise of web video and immersive technology as a key part of youth culture. Now as brands create more authentic social video content and immersive experiences to directly engage their audience, we explore how accessible mobile tech, future tech and free social platforms are leading this Youth / Alt. culture revolution.

  • Understand how young creators are incorporating live streaming, VR and AR into their lives and their content streams
  • Learn how new technologies are creating opportunities for brands to create original social video content and immersive experiences
  • With new mixed reality tech like Project Tango, HoloLens and Magic Leap are we heading towards the Matrix, Star Trek or Black Mirror?
Will Harvey Innovation Lead

Will Harvey

Innovation Lead

Louis Savy Founder (Panel Chair)

Louis Savy


(Panel Chair)