Forget fake news, the most dangerous risk to Millennial marketers is fake influence

Cheap reach and empty engagement are being used in the industry to fake “influence" to brands. For brands looking to target students and millennials real influence and resonance are still the only way to achieve your marketing goals. Charlie Gardiner-Hill, COO of Tab Media, talks about how you tell the difference between fake "influence" and real resonance, and why it’s the key to success with students and millennials.

Here is a short company description: Tab Media reaches more than 8M students and millennials every month through The Tab, the world’s largest student news network and babe, the fastest-growing site for young women 18-24. We create the boldest media brands in the world by putting young people in charge. We publish original and voice-driven journalism that connects with educated 18-24 year-olds across the US and UK better than anyone else.