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Are you talking to me?

Every brand knows they need to develop content that both engages their consumers, and helps build brand authority for the purposes of natural search. Content has a critical role to play not just in engaging and attracting new customers, but also in keeping existing ones happy. So, most brands have set out about building content - and because it’s hard to measure the success of that content, the metric used has always been the volume of content… from the number of articles published per month, to the amount of videos on a YouTube channel. Often content marketers and agencies haven’t challenged this because the more content that’s produced, the more money they make for their part in producing it.

The digital world is now a wash with content – blogs, infographics, whitepapers, vlogs you name it and I am pretty sure there is a piece of content on it. But how much of this content is driving real value? I mean both commercial and user value.

What about developing content that is matched to what your consumers are actually looking for? Quality content that really helps to fill a need, solve a problem or answer a question. Content that is genuinely driven by insight and data.

Content Compass is a tool that allows brands to use search data like the world’s biggest user panel. Rhys Williams, Managing Partner of agenda21 will help you understand in detail exactly what consumers want, how they’re searching for it, and how that need is currently being met – along with the commercial value of meeting that need.

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Rhys Williams

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