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Ignore all those "70:20:10" slides that agencies like to tout around: the truth is, we're scared of innovation

At Leagas Delaney, we believe that it's only an idea if it changes a business. To deserve to be called an idea, a thing needs true business changing, innovative potential.

Here's the interesting thing:

Throughout history, true innovation has always polarised: it frightens and threatens before it's accepted. So, in a culture where agencies and brands appear unwilling or unable to polarise, can they truly be called innovative?

We'll explore this question from a thought provoking, honest angle. And we'll show this matters to a younger generation, hungry for a radically different visions of the world, stimulated by disagreement and looking for ideas to push against and the chance for their voice to be heard.


 Fergus Hay  Leagas Delaney

Fergus Hay

Leagas Delaney