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Get your house in order

The industry has had a continuous and rapid change in youth consumer behavior. For instance, Millennials are significantly more likely to use smartphones to shop than older generations and Generation Z uses on average 2 more devices than Millennials do. And even though Millenials are a very social media savvy cohort, Gen Z-ers are even more likely to prefer influencer marketing than their Millenial counterparts.

With all of this flux, what should marketers do now for their business to thrive with marketing to Millennials and Gen Z? Keeping ahead of the trends is no small task and the best way to get there is to build off of a robust and solid data foundation. In marketing, that foundation is rooted in single and comprehensive source of truth that tracks, normalizes and links channel-specific data into a single coherent system of record. That way, however the trends may shift, marketers have the capability to both glean actionable insights through that data FAST and deliver on their business goals.

Youth marketers need to be able to apply customer journey analytics to capture the unique characteristics of marketing to today's youth. How do you embrace influencer marketing into your partnership programs in a measurable way, and how do you assess its impact in driving performance goals for the brand. What contributions does it make as a channel to overall revenue? And since Gen Z jumps between more screens than every other cohort -- how do you accurately recognise that users path across all their cross-device touch points? Having fragmented technology, multiple platforms works for some, but in order to truly derive cross-channel insights and extract real-time marketing insights from your fast-adapting youth marketing initiatives, marketers need a consolidated system of record.

In this session, Julia Smith, Director, Impact Radius and Veronika Starell from House of Kaizen  will explore the benefits of having a person-centric real-time view of marketing data, how it can address the unique challenges of youth marketing and why marketers need to first get their house in order before looking to add to it. Smith will also unveil the first look at the re-brand of Impact Radius and explain why and how the business has undergone a massive relaunch.

 Julia Smith  Impact Radius

Julia Smith

Impact Radius

 Veronika Starell  House of Kaizen

Veronika Starell

House of Kaizen