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How to engage with this generation of kids without getting shutdown or sued

This new generation of kids is unlike anything we’ve seen before. The digital-first generation require a complete rethink on what youth-engagement is: New laws, mechanics, platforms and policies. The kids ad industry is gold standard when it comes to talking to kids and young people in a responsible way - we’ve been working with US COPPA regulations for years and are ahead of the curve. As many brands and organisations scramble to keep up, our panel of leading organisations from the youth marketing world share what they have learnt and will help you understand:

  • The next set of big challenges for marketing to young people
  • How the evolution of AI, Voice and the Internet of Things will be impacted
  • How GDPR compliance encourages creativity and innovation in marketing

Panel Host:

Dylan Collins SuperAwesome

Dylan Collins


Emma Scott Beano Studios

Emma Scott
Beano Studios

Matthew Knight thinkplaymake

Matthew Knight

Paul Porter LEGO

Paul Porter